New Product Info: Arthrex Calcaneus StepPlate

Arthrex has updated their online information on the Calcaneus Step Plate. Check out the brochure and updated  information within the information section of the Step Plate page. All other Arthrex products can be found here.   . Download our Medical … Continued

PRO-TOE® VO Surgical Pearls

Maximize Fixation and Maintain Bone Integrity Bone Resection Resect with a saw on the proximal phalanx Minimal resection of the distal cartilage using a planar is recommended Leaving the subchondral bone intact will help maximize implant blade purchase Optional Pre-Drilling of … Continued

Wright Medical Product Reviews

Two new foot and ankle medical device reviews have been posted under the Fixation Experience section highlighting the new Wright Medical Technology ORTHOLOC 3DI Foot Reconstruction System. Dr. Jeffery McAlister and Dr. Christopher Hyer discuss a handful of tips and technique pearls … Continued

New Wright Medical Plates

SurgicalFixation has added a handful of new Wright Medical plates to the fixation database; introducing the Ortholoc 3Di Foot Reconstruction System. To kick off the addition of these plates, Drs. Jeffrey McAlister and Christopher Hyer offer some insight into what makes these new … Continued

New Medical Device Review

In case you missed it, SurgicalFixation has released a new medical device review on the Solana Surgical TenFUSE PIP implant for hammertoe surgery. The Fixation Experience can be found here. The article outlines the advantages for using the product and … Continued

Luke Cicchinelli’s TRIM-IT Drill Pin Review Part 2

Don’t miss Part Two of Dr. Luke D Cicchinelli’s blog post on his experience with the Arthrex TRIM-IT Drill Pin for Hammertoe Surgery. The first part of his review is also live under SurgicalFixation’s Fixation Experience, a section of our website where we take … Continued

Free Online Access: Foot & Ankle International

**Update. The free online access has expired. Update** SAGE Journals is now the publisher for Foot & Ankle International and with that comes a promotion for its readers. Sage Publications is currently offering FREE ONLINE ACCESS to Foot & Ankle International … Continued

New Medical Device Hammertoe Implant

The New Trilliant Surgical Two-Step Hammertoe Implant follows in the recent trend of new medical devices for hammertoe surgery and is similar to the Wright Medical Pro-Toe VO™ and the Metasurg Digifuse™. However, the Two-Step introduces a couple of new modifications. Like other … Continued

Plate Fixation Ebook

SurgicalFixation is proud to officially announce the release of our first Foot & Ankle Fixation Ebook: Fundamentals of Plate Fixation: Understanding the Basic Principles In this Ebook we focus on educating individuals on the basics of plate fixation principles and … Continued

New Arthrex Lisfranc Plates

Arthrex has released a new set of Lisfranc Plates designed to provide fixation for acute Lisfranc injuries and fusions of the tarsal-metatarsal joints. The plates are available in three different sizes (S,M,L) with both left and right plates. The plates are … Continued

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