Metasurg®: MemoFix™ by Metasurg

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The MemoFix™ staples are manufactured from biocompatible, super elastic nitinol and require no specialized storage or temperature sensitive handling. Using proprietary manufacturing processes, METASURG® has created staples that produce markedly better compressive forces at final in-vivo position, while also presenting a much smaller dorsal profile. The color coded instrumentation allows surgeons to more accurately place the staples while using a simplified system. The MemoFix™ staples are offered in a wide range of sizes and configurations to cover most common extremity procedures.

System Features
No specialized handling or temperature sensitive storage required
Delivers maximum compression within the in-vivo position range
Micro-edge barb technology provides maximum pull-out resistance
Domed design of staple bridge reduces the dorsal profile
Easy to use color coded instrumentation

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