PRO-TOE® VO Surgical Pearls

Maximize Fixation and Maintain Bone Integrity

Bone Resection
  • Resect with a saw on the proximal phalanx
  • Minimal resection of the distal cartilage using a planar is recommended
  • Leaving the subchondral bone intact will help maximize implant blade purchase

Optional Pre-Drilling of Middle Phalanx

  • Pre-drill additional holes medial and lateral to the center core
  • Minimizes bone loss and allows for deeper fit of the Broach in the middle phalanx
  • Useful in younger individuals with hard subchondral bone


  • Broach should be kept on axis during insertion and removal
  • Do not rotate. Keep in transverse/horizontal position
  • Avoid toggling the Broach during insertion and removal
  • This will create a larger opening for the implant and result in suboptimal fit and fixation in the middle phalanx

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